Industry Events Calendar

27 Sep 2023
EMEA Summit
SheratonGrand Park Lane
Rystad Energy
9:00am BST
Information Empowering energy innovators Welcome to Rystad Energy's EMEA Summit in London this September. As our flagship event of the year, it brings together the brightest minds in the energy industry to explore the future of the energy landscape. Program Join us for a unique opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions, gain invaluable knowledge and forge meaningful connections with industry peers. This thoughtfully curated event is designed to foster collaboration and empower you to navigate the dynamic energy industry with confidence. Be inspired by our lineup of speakers, industry leaders and thought pioneers. They will share their expertise, cutting-edge research and strategic perspectives on topics shaping the sector - from regional renewable energy developments to energy security challenges and market dynamics. We will delve into every aspect of the energy ecosystem, providing you with actionable insights and practical solutions. Our full agenda will be released soon and the entire EMEA team is looking forward to welcoming you to London this autumn. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity - ensure you register for the event today.
27-29 Sep 2023
The 19th Quantitative Finance Conference
Valencia, Spain
World Business Strategies
The 19th annual event program returns and this year will include esteemed speakers covering various topics such as Generative AI, Volatility, Pricing & Modelling, Machine Learning and ESG & Climate Risk.
27-29 Sep 2023
Neudata San Francisco
San Francisco
Sandalwood Advisors
28 Sep 2023
San Francisco Data Summit 2023
San Francisco, USA
28 Sep 2023
FISD New York
New York
03:00pm - 07:30pm EST
This NYC event will look at a insider trading cases, market trends talks, member intros, 2023 FISD preview, and networking.
28-29 Sep 2023
San Francisco Data Summit 2023 - Neudata
San Francisco
Open to meetings and on site introductory presentations with the quant team.
5 Oct 2023
RegTech Summit London 2023
London, UK
A-Team Insight
9:00am - 5:30pm BST
This conference will feature leading practitioners and innovators who will share insights into tackling challenges related to adopting and implementing RegTech, including the future of risk, compliance, and RegTech, regulatory reporting, AML and financial crime compliance processes, and ESG & RegTech. Other topics will include managing risk, resilience and security in cloud environments, responsible AI, and trade and communications surveillance.
5 Oct 2023
Americas Summit
Westin Memorial City
Rystad Energy
8:30am CST
Information The energy landscape of tomorrow Welcome to our highly-anticipated Americas Summit this October, where we will explore the dynamic energy landscape of tomorrow. This event is your gateway to the latest updates and insights on the significant transformations shaping the energy industry and the major socio-economic events that have shaped the world around us. Program From the ongoing impacts of the global pandemic to groundbreaking technological advancements, and the pursuit of sustainability and inclusivity, our world has experienced extraordinary change. Now, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment, where unprecedented challenges and remarkable opportunities intersect. During our Summit, we will dive deep into the profound changes unfolding within the energy sector. Our experienced speakers, including industry experts and thought leaders, will provide invaluable insights on the latest developments, emerging trends, challenges and opportunities that await us. This platform is designed to foster knowledge sharing, encourage lively discussions and inspire collaboration to help navigate the complexities of the energy landscape of tomorrow - empowering ourselves with the tools and information needed to thrive. Our full program will be released soon; join us at the Americas Summit, we look forward to seeing you there.
22-25 Oct 2023
Lightcast Connect Conference 2023
Idaho, USA
A conference will feature speakers discussing the impact of artificial intelligence, the importance of skills in the labour market and future work trends.
24 Oct 2023
Quant Strats Agenda 2023
Quant Strats
08:00am - 06:40pm GMT
A quant finance event in London with sessions on generative AI, risk prediction, ML and innovative strategies and ends with a chance to network.
1-2 Nov 2023
Annual Quant Insights Conference
08:30am - 2:30pm EDT
The Annual Quant Insights Conference is open for registration. The conference is an exclusive online event in November 2023 with leading experts, discussions, and virtual networking.
1-3 Nov 2023
United States
Dwellsy IQ
6 Dec 2023
Battle of the Quants World Wide Event
Hong Kong
Battle of the Quants
09:00am - 05:05pm UTC
This event with gather industry leaders, investors, and data professionals to discuss AI, ML and financial trends.
7 Dec 2023
New York Winter Data Summit 2023
New York, USA
13 Dec 2023
Domestic Supply Chain Summit
Explore the future of supply chains amidst pandemic impacts, geopolitical shifts, and trade agreements in this event. Learn how to tackle disruptions and anticipate emerging trends.
Kochava Summit Series: All Things iOS
10:00am - 11:30am EST
Get a fresh peak into all things iOS – from the ongoing impact of the IDFA opt-out, to SKAdNetwork adoption, and Apple Search Ads’ rise to the top. Join key members of the Kochava Foundry team for an in-depth discussion on analyzing SKAdNetwork data, diving into ASA performance, predicting churn on your iOS apps, and more.
Data Partner Summit
New York, USA
Maiden Century Events
12 - 5pm EDT
The Maiden Century event includes a networking lunch and a welcome address from the CEO. The agenda features discussions on the data ecosystem, backtesting, leveraging IDEA, and the deal makers' state of mind on alternative data. The event concludes with closing remarks and a networking and drinks session.