Hot Topic Review 2021: App Data

16th December 2021 11am - 12pm ET Webinar

What to expect?

In 2021, data buyers and sellers faced a changing landscape for delivering and using app data. Between Google’s announcement that it would ban third-party cookies in February and Apple’s decision to allow users to opt out of app data collection in iOS 14.5 in April, many app data sellers had to reevaluate how they collected data from consumers. To top it all off, the SEC brought its first enforcement action against App Annie in September, causing app data buyers to reevaluate the risks associated with using this type of data in their investment processes.

Join Neudata on 16th December unpack what 2021 meant for app data and discuss the lasting impact the industry will feel through 2022 and beyond.


  • Jonathan Kay


    Founder & COO

    Jonathan Kay co-founded Apptopia at the age of 25. As the COO, he leads the daily operations and strategic direction, including product development and global sales. He’s an expert on the mobile landscape, app economy and how data and predictive modeling add transparency to the ecosystem. As someone who believes deeply in the importance of customer engagement, he is constantly striving to find scalable intimacy. He’s extremely passionate about branding and storytelling.


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