Corporates Online Summit

9th-10th November

Join Neudata and 100's of other members from the corporate data community for our first ever Corporate Summit.

Until recently, corporations relied primarily on internal data sources to guide their business strategy. However, more corporations have recently begun integrating external data sources into their analysis to help guide their company decision-making and competitive intelligence insight.

Join Neudata on 9-10 November as we bring together hundreds of corporations that are exploring external data acquisition and usage, all at various stages of implementation. The event will feature some of the alternative data providers that are tried-and-true within the investment management space, as well as technology solution providers that understand the market. Neudata will also highlight several lesser-known providers that can help users gain an edge over competitors that may not be aware of these sources of data.


Neudata's Networking 121

Alongside thematic panels and presentations, our Corporates Summit provides a chance for corporate clients and dataset sellers to interact before, during and after the event, via a programme of personalised matchmaking.

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  • “...Neudata deliver exceptionally well executed events with agenda setting content and stellar attendance, no wonder they generate so many leads for us”

    Luke Kennedy CEO, Fable Data
  • “Fantastic event!All the speakers were great and the Neudata presentations were especially valuable.”

    Jonathan Berkow Asset Manager, AllianceBernstein
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