Discover compliance intelligence with Neudata Sentry

Neudata Sentry streamlines your alternative data legal, compliance and due diligence processes in one easy-to-use SaaS platform.


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As a Sentry client, you will gain access to:

  • Our DDQ Vault, which contains completed due diligence questionnaires directly from data providers. These DDQs are designed to leverage Neudata’s software and provide exclusive analytics and metadata to generate new insights and enhance your diligence process. Our proprietary DDQ was developed by Neudata’s in-house counsel in collaboration with leading buy-side firms and asks providers to answer over 60 questions related to compliance, data privacy, insider trading, intellectual property, related regulations and more.
  • Sentry Dataset Reports, which take an in-depth look at individual DDQs and their corresponding datasets to analyse potential legal and compliance issues.
  • Sentry Intelligence Reports, our long-form research reports on hot topics in the legal and compliance spaces that affect the alternative data industry.
  • Calls, roundtables and masterclasses that allow you to ask questions and learn from our in-house legal expert — as well as your peers — about strategies for managing alternative data legal and compliance issues.

Neudata has the only alternative data compliance platform that:

  • Asks the questions you want to know – our proprietary DDQ was developed by our in-house counsel in collaboration with real data users from leading buy-side firms. As we do not sell data or collect commissions, Neudata provides an independent, objective assessment and can get transparent answers to the tough questions.
  • Lets you tell us which DDQs you want us to collect next – our 1,100+ in-depth Scout reports feature a “Request DDQ” button; click the button and we’ll do the work of chasing up the report from the vendor — often more quickly than any individual firm can get a response from the same vendor.
  • Speeds up the DDQ response process for vendors – our DDQ features over 60 questions, but as many as 75% of those questions can be answered in a standardised format (unlike existing DDQ formats), allowing vendors to respond more quickly to our DDQs than others in the industry. For certain key questions, data providers provide long-form answers, too.
  • Allows you to compare data across DDQs and derive actionable insights – our standardised questions and answers let you more quickly compare vendor responses when evaluating multiple datasets. Unique to Neudata’s DDQ, standard responses will facilitate new and exclusive metadata on the DDQs themselves, allowing for sorting and other user features, as well as insights by dataset type, regulatory issues, etc.
  • Provides an additional layer of research and intelligence – while other alternative data compliance tools provide template DDQs and leave you to it, Neudata Sentry adds an extra layer of analysis to each dataset listed on our platform through Sentry Dataset & Intelligence Reports, as well as personalised learning opportunities and advice.

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